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Diesel Gas




The Biofuel Association of India (BFAI) is a non-profit national association representing the biofuels sector, and in particular the biodiesel industry as the co-ordinating body for marketing, research and development in the country to encourage Biofuels, especially Biodiesel & Compress Biogas and assure sustainable agricultural growth, rural development, energy security and equal opportunity for the masses with overall environmental protection.

BFAI's membership is comprised of UCO Aggregators, Biodiesel manufacturer, Feedstock Plantation Organizations, Biodiesel suppliers, Fuel marketers & Distributors and Technology providers.


We will be a professional, visible and modern not-for-profit Biofuel association of India for biofuel distributors, Manufacturer, Traders, Oil Producer, Farmer and retail outlets owner (and ancillary interests) in the india providing exceptional value-adding membership services and training, a passionate voice for the industry with government agencies and share knowledge or skills through high quality events and fit-for-purpose all-media communications.


The Mission of Biofuel Association of India is to promote public understanding, acceptance, and use of advanced biofuels by promoting research, development and improvement of advanced biofuels technologies, production, marketing and delivery; and by promoting the sustainable development, cultivation and processing of advanced biofuels crops, and agricultural and forestry residues and wastes.

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