Paid Membership

Association members advice helpline

Running a membership-based and cause-driven organisation can be a complex and lonely role. Buifuel Association Of India has a team of professionals who are able to assist with most day-to-day queries and offer reliable and practical advice. We welcome our role as the go-to source for information and referrals

Conference discount & free members event

Staff and directors of Associations member organisations receive substantial discounts on our leading-edge conferences, seminars and workshops. In addition, we offer a range of complimentary educational and networking events that allow face-to-face sharing of information, experience and knowledge in a collegiate environment.

surveys on salaries, governance, events & membership

Being association members, information allows management and staff to make better decisions based on real data. BFAI undertakes surveys every year on salaries, governance, events and membership. Survey results are used by associations as standard reference points and are free or discounted to members.

Special interest groups on members, communication, events, advocacy & governance

Our popular Special Interest Groups (SIGs) give association staff and directors the opportunity to discuss key issues with their peers through regular group teleconferences and occasional face-to-face meetings. Special Interest Groups include Membership, Communications, Events, Advocacy and Governance, and are available exclusively to members.

Resources to help run your business

Members gain access to relevant resources and documents. Resources include the business Technology Guide, Annual General Meeting (AGM) Guide, Terms of Reference for Finance and Audit Committees, Board Governance Charter and dozens of advisory articles written for immediate practical use within an association.

Association magazine & Association E-news

Our print magazine, BFAI, is free to member organisation staff and directors and contains relevant leading-edge sector news and information. ASSOCIATIONS is supplemented by fortnightly member e-newsletters, which contain news, updates, forthcoming member events, member support queries, advice and the latest jobs. Keep informed and motivated with current knowledge of our sector!

Constitution review

Constitutions are the rules that drive an association's structure and governance but are not always appropriate or well constructed. Our Constitution Review service identifies matters for consideration including constitution content, legislative requirements, governance structure, member definitions and Board composition. BFAI can also be engaged to make changes or rewrite constitutions.

Evaluation Survay

The Board Evaluation Survey is an online questionnaire where each member completes a set group of questions. With the results, associations can (1) see whether there is a convergence of opinions within the association Board and (2) benchmark with results from other associations to give relative comparisons.

Quality control

• Quality control (QC) is a process through which a business seeks to ensure that product quality is maintained or improved. Quality control requires the business to create an environment in which both manufacturer and retailer strive for perfection • Here are 6 steps to develop a quality control process:

  1. Set your quality standards.
  2. Decide which quality standards to focus on.
  3. Create operational processes to deliver quality.
  4. Review your results.
  5. Get feedback.
  6. Make improvements

Legel support

  • Free advide aboute your local business.
  • Support and Provide formalities of govenrment.
  • Control illegel pumps competition.
  • BFAI often attorneys and other legal professionals meeting or associated with a common purpose related to the legal profession
  • Support unauthentic problems.

Business strategy

  • Growth Strategy : This strategy comes into picture when the business is doing well yet the revenues are static. You want to grow your business – it could be either by adding new products, new product lines, improvising the existing product or selling the same product beyond the current geographical reach
  • Product Differentiation Strategy : In this strategy, you have the leverage to keep the prices that you deem necessary. The reason behind this strategy is that your product offers unique or additional features that your competitors do not
  • Cost Differentiation Strategy : This strategy is all about pricing your product right. It should tempt customers to purchase your products instead of that of the competitors

Professional development

  • Access to education and training
  • Enhanced benefits progr ams
  • Access to membership directories
  • Competitive advantage
  • Access to certification and licensing programs
  • Privileged access to industry events and conferences.
  • Potential cost savings
  • Inside access to innovations and new developments.
  • Opportunities to give back to the community
  • Networking opportunities.

Best practices

• Develop a marketing plan. • Develop an informal mentor program • magazine or newsletter activities • Recognize corporate members • Develop a mentoring program • Work with your state government • training and development.

In- Depth ad hoc advice on governance, operations & technology

ssociations occasionally need detailed input on complex, complicated or controversial aspects of their governance, operations or technology. Up to ninety minutes of discussion and verbal advice is available to assist associations on particular matters in these areas. This is an area where our team's combined decades of association experience can help in a variety of situations and scenarios.

Paid Membership

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